Click on each of the below headings to see more on what I’ve been up to – or view my resume here. Each experience has taught me something new and different about myself and has helped me figure out what I want to do with my future! 

Three Ships; Raleigh, NC: January – May 2020

Digital Marketing Intern 

  • Wrote a variety of home improvement, lifestyle, and product and provider review pieces for affiliate site HouseMethod.com
  • Brainstormed, researched, developed, and pitched tangential campaigns to drive traffic 
  • Assisted with SEO optimizations and social media scheduling to improve the overall health and reach of the site 

Go Fish Digital; Raleigh, NC: May – December 2019 

Digital Marketing Intern 

  • Built promotional strategies for tangential content campaigns for various clients including Homes.com, The Black Tux, Empire Today, and Next Day Blinds.
  • Developed outreach lists and messages for a variety of campaigns
  • Earned coverage on national outlets such as Mental Floss, Yahoo, MSN, Food52, House Beautiful, and Food Network, and local outlets such as the Des Moines Register, the Orlando Sentinel, the Detroit Free Press and the Saint Cloud Times

Law Offices of James Scott Farrin; Durham, NC; August – December 2018

Marketing Intern

  • Wrote blogs, press releases, social media posts, eminent domain project write ups, and other marketing materials as needed in order to build and maintain the image and client-base of the firm
  • Created databases and sorted documents by building excel sheets

Carolina Housing; Chapel Hill, NC; May 2018 – May 2019 

Marketing Intern

  • Created strategic social media plans to increase audience base, wrote blog posts, and attended events as a representative of the department to promote the image of on-campus residence life
  • Created Snapchat residence halls tours series engaging over 1900 users and retaining 82.25% of users through end of story
  • Increased Instagram following by 30.3% over 6 months (gained avg of 110 followers per month)

*view work I’ve done at both of these internships on the Work Samples tab

Carolina Tap Ensemble, University of North Carolina, 2017 – 2020


Carolina Tap Ensemble is UNC’s only all-tap group on campus. Our company is audition based for advanced tappers who want to cultivate and improve their tap skills in college. We are entirely student-run, and all of our pieces are student-choreographed. CTap performs at a variety of guest performances and fundraising events throughout the year, as well as hosting an annual showcase each Spring. As president, I organize our end of year showcase and various performances/events, lead officer board meetings, and oversee all other company events/rehearsals. This year I have strived to increase membership and member engagement through providing more social and performance opportunities.

Carolina For The Kids Foundation, University of North Carolina, 2017 – 2020

Public Relations Chair

CFTK is a year long fundraising effort to raise money to support the patients and families of UNC Children’s Hospital by covering costs insurance doesn’t cover (such as gas cards, hot meals, research grants, etc.). We host an annual 24-hour Dance Marathon to raise awareness and show support for the bravery emitted by the children in the hospital. My position as the public relations chair has allowed me to combine my passion for this incredible organization with my future career goals. I lead a committee of 20 students while serving on the executive board for the overall organization. I am in charge of all communication efforts – including social media, the blog, newsletter, media relations and paid advertising. In my time, CFTK has been published in Chapel Hill Magazine, Carolina Week, 97.9 WCHL, The Daily Tar Heel, CBS 17, ABC 11 and WRAL. 

Blank Canvas Dance Company, University of North Carolina, 2016 – 2020

Blank Canvas is an inclusive dance company welcoming dancers of all styles and experience levels. We work on student-choreographed pieces to perform at a showcase at the end of each semester as well as at various events throughout the community. Blank Canvas is a very special to me, as I grew up dancing and knew this was a passion I didn’t want to give up in going to college. Despite the fact that I danced for 15 years before entering UNC – I never experienced as encouraging of an environment as Blank Canvas. It is inspiring to see people who have never danced before working alongside those who have been dancing their whole lives. This semester I had the honor of choreographing an all-levels finale for over 50 of our dancers. 

Old Navy; Matthews, NC; May – December 2017

Brand Associate

  • Worked as cashier learning how to efficiently operate finances of the store 
  • Worked on sales floor to maintain store image and assist customers as needed
  • Gained experience providing customer service in retail setting 

Fancy Feet Elite Dance Studios; Matthews, NC; 2011 – 2016

Assistant Instructor

  • Assisted a manager in teaching kids ages 3-11 steps and techniques from basic to advanced levels of dance
  • Often led classes alone and choreographed short combinations to teach students
  • Groomed trainees to fulfill assistant positions in the future

MEJO 121 – Visual Storytelling

Introduces students to the tools and skills needed to engage in quality news-oriented storytelling with audio, video, and multimedia. Students will learn to deliver news stories using multiple platforms, taking advantage of the strengths of each. 

MEJO 137 – Intro to Advertising and Public Relations

Survey of the economics, philosophy, and history of both fields with emphasis on research, foundations, design, execution, and assessment of strategic communication efforts. Provides an understanding of both disciplines, including historical developments, issues and controversies, best practices, career opportunities, and components of successful advertising and public relations campaigns.

MEJO 141 – Media Ethics 

Explore what constitutes ethical practices, what interferes with ethical practices, and what emerging ethical issues may challenge the newest generation of professional communicators. Cases involve print, broadcast, and Internet news media; photojournalism; graphic design; public relations; and advertising.

MEJO 153 – Writing and Reporting

A laboratory course that teaches journalistic skills essential to writing across platforms. Practice in using news gathering tools, such as sourcing and interviewing techniques; writing stories, including leads, organization, quotations, and data; editing for grammar, punctuation, brevity, style, and accuracy; and critical thinking about news values and audiences.

MEJO 252 – Audio Storytelling 

Students learn how to conceive, research, report, and produce audio stories for broadcast on radio and/or streaming on the Web. Students also learn interviewing and reporting techniques that will prepare them for higher-level courses.

MEJO 332 – Public Relations Writing 

Service-learning course provides hands-on practice in developing multiplatform communication tools (print, digital, and social media) used by public relations practitioners.

MEJO 340 – Media Law 

Focuses on speech and press freedoms under the First Amendment. Topics include prior restraint, libel, privacy, protection of anonymous sources, free press-fair trial, federal regulation of electronic and new media, freedom of information, intellectual property, and international issues.

MEJO 445 – Processes and Effects of Mass Communication 

Mass communication as a social process, incorporating literature from journalism, social psychology, sociology, political science, and history. To acquaint students with factors in message construction, dissemination, and reception by audiences.

MEJO 475 – Concepts of Marketing 

Designed to provide the larger business context for students anticipating careers in advertising, public relations, and other media industries, the course teaches the vocabulary and basic concepts of marketing as it will be practiced.

MEJO 477 – New Media Technologies: Their Impact on the Future of Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing 

Introduces students to the nontraditional, future vision required to be successful in advertising, marketing, and public relations and the more personal, individualized technologies that will grab people’s attention in the future.

MEJO 531 – Case Studies in Public Relations 

Helps students think as public relations professionals who deal with the demanding, dynamic environment of corporate, government, and nonprofit public relations. Students examine real-world situations and strategies, discussing factors that affect how public relations is practiced in organizations, including identifying stakeholder groups, developing strategies, embracing diversity, and recognizing ethical issues. 

MEJO 577 – The Branding of Me 

What have you done to brand yourself? Students will use YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in a calculated plan with other new-media marketing tools to land that first job.

MEJO 634 – Public Relations Campaigns 

In this capstone experience, students apply concepts and skills from earlier classes to develop a campaign plan for a client organization. Activities include conducting background and audience research; developing realistic objectives, strategies, tactics, and evaluation plans; producing a portfolio of supporting materials; and pitching the campaign to the client.