Work Samples

As an intern for Carolina Housing, one of my favorite tasks was writing blogs about the residence life at UNC. This was so enjoyable for me because I love writing on topics I’m passionate about and can relate to. Here are some of my favorites: 

A Letter to Rising Freshman – as quoted in US News and Yahoo! Finance 

How I Fell in Love With Carolina 

The Ultimate Tar Heel Dictionary 

You can read all of the blogs I wrote for Carolina Housing here

As the Public Relations chair for Carolina For The Kids, one of my roles is writing press releases on our major events of the year to pitch to the media. This cause is incredibly important to me and it means so much that I am able to give back in a way that builds relevant experience. So far, we have been published by Chapel Hill Magazine, the Carolina Week broadcast, the Daily Tar Heel, WRAL, ABC 11, CBS 18, 97.9 WCHL, and I hope to increase media coverage as the year progresses. Here are a few press releases I’ve written: 

Kilometers For The Kids Returns to Bring Families Together on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Carolina For The Kids to Raise Over $14,500 for UNC Children’s

At the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, many of my tasks involved creating content to be posted on both the blog and other websites. I wrote several press releases, blogs, and Eminent Domain Page write ups. These projects allowed me to not only improve my writing skills, but also my research and data collection skills as I gathered all the necessary information to produce a web page. 

How Safe Are You at the NC State Fair? (Blog)*

James Scott Farrin Sponsors Best Friend Pet Adoption to Save Puppy (Press Release)*

Old Monroe Road Widening (EMD Page)* 

*note that while I wrote original drafts of these assignments, they were edited to match legal standards and published by my managers

I’ve also done freelance writing for Treka, an outdoor apparel company out of Canada. Here’s ‘The Science Behind Choosing the Perfect Winter Jacket‘. 

Other unpublished projects I’ve done in my courses at UNC have included the following: 

HB2 May Cost NC Again

Mental Health on College Campuses

For more writing samples, check out my blog

One of my goals as Public Relations Chair for Carolina For the Kids (@carolinaftk) was to revamp our social media pages and increase overall engagement. I strived to create a cohesive look for our feed to attract and engage a wider audience as pictured below. 

When our 2020 Dance Marathon was cancelled due to COVID-19, I planned our first ever virtual marathon. I leveraged our social media platforms to recognize the hard work of the year and interact with participants. With the help of other exec board members and my committee, we created 24 hours worth of content across platforms, including a TikTok dance-off, videos from prominent figures like Simone Biles, and stories from families we’ve helped. The event reached over 16,000 unique users and earned coverage from BizBash, Spectrum News, and others. We raised over $256,000 in the 2019-2020 school year to benefit the patients and families of UNC Children’s.  


As an intern for Carolina Housing, I was primarily in charge of our instagram (@unchousing from May 2018 to May 2019). I was usually given guidance on content to post, and then I made graphics and captions to go along with them. I created a #ItsAllHere campaign, highlighting all the ways living on campus has to offer as we pride ourselves in the fact that students have access to anything they ever need without leaving campus (seen below: Top 7 Places to Nap). I also created our IGTV channel by uploading Snapchat tours for residents to gain an inside look into their future homes. 

I also revamped Carolina Housing’s Pinterest page this summer by turning all of the intern’s blog posts into repinnable graphics like the ones below. 

Last semester I learned the ins and outs of Adobe Audition in one of my courses, Audio Journalism. Despite the fact that I’ve moved away from the Broadcast Journalism track, I still believe these skills will be very useful in future careers.

Facing Dog Phobia 

You know that feeling when your heart starts pumping… you start to sweat… maybe you even plan an escape route. It’s the feeling of being afraid. But for some people… it’s triggered by things you wouldn’t think twice about. Kalina MacKay reports on facing her childhood phobia.  

Overcoming Abroad Barriers 

What do textbooks… housing fees… and flights to Europe have in common? They’re all expensive. And they’ve all become part of the ‘college experience’. But funding one of these can be much less straightforward than the others. Kalina MacKay has the story.   

UNC Walks Out

Wednesday morning UNC became the latest campus to participate in nationwide movement. Walking out of class to support the lives lost during the Parkland shooting. But this political activism is not a new trend on college campuses. Kalina MacKay talked to a participant in the most recent wave of activism.  

Here are a few videos I scripted, filmed, and produced for Carolina For the Kids foundation. In my Visual Storytelling course at UNC, we were given the assignment of making a video project on any topic of our choice. Naturally I focused on Carolina athletics and highlighted a dedicated Tar Heel, Kate Papadopoulos.

In my Public Relations writing course at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, not only was I trained to effectively use a wide variety of public relations tools, I was also required to work with a local non-profit to improve their public relations efforts.

I chose to work with Carolina For The Kids foundation, as this is an organization I already felt passionate about. This course substantially helped me more effectively communicate on behalf of the organization as the public relations chair. Here is some of the public relations work I did on behalf of CFTK: 

Communication Audit

Fact Sheet

Executive Director Profile

Broadcast News Release


Direct Mail

Public Service Announcement 

Blog Post 

Flyers and Handbills